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Sonic Water Flosser Plus Electric Dental Countertop Professional Oral Irrigator for Teeth

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The Sonic Water Flosser Plus is a professional oral hygiene essential. With 10 different pressure settings, you can find the setting that is just right for you. The upgraded water tank gives you 600mL of capacity and the handle is equipped with an EZ-Release button for easy jet tip removal. Premium dental care is right at your fingertips with this cavity and bacteria-fighting machine.

World Class Dental

The HelloHealings™ Water Flossers are premium dental care products that are professionally recommended.

Why Choose HelloHealings?

Because brushing your teeth is not enough.

Just brushing leaves plaque and food debris behind, which can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and bad breath. The HelloHealings Water Flosser is the Easy and Most Effective Way to Floss. It removes the debris that brushing leaves behind, and it is clinically proven to improve oral health.

Recommended by Dental Professionals

9 out of 10 dental professionals recommend the HelloHealings Water Flosser over other brands. That's because HelloHealings is known for performance and quality.

Why Water Flossers?

Brushing alone is not enough, protect your oral health at home and between dental visits with one of our water flossers.

Product details


Water capacity: 600mL

Water pressure: 30-120psi

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Product reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I have been using this for a couple of months now and have to say I love this water flosser. I have had dental work done and I put a little salt in a glass with some warm water and mix then put in my water flosser. This really helps with healing my gums and keeps food out of any spaces that can get food stuck. The flosser part works great and you will not be disappointed. The only negative I can find is I wish it had a place to store the spare pics/flosser tubes. I currently have them in a tall shot glass so my hubby can find his easily and not use mine ;) I would purchase this again if needed. Please click yes if this review helped you in any way. Thanks


I like it so far.


It shipped to me a little slow, but they made up for it with giving me a $20 off store credit.


So... this water flosser is amazing. By the way this is my first review ever on HelloHealings after ordering numerous of things. So I had 4mm and 5mm periodontal pockets from not flossing and also experienced some bone loss, I also had to get a very uncomfortable deep gum pocket cleaning. I literally hated flossing and would find myself avoiding to floss even though I needed it very much. My gums were red, swollen, and inflamed because I was in the early stages of periodontal disease. I started using the water flosser flosser, and instantly like this way of flossing much better! After using it consecutively each night for only 5 days my gums were noticeably better and felt much better. After 2 weeks of using the water flosser flossing, coconut oil pulling, and mouthwash treatment, my gums have done a complete 180 and my mouth and gums are starting to heal properly! Also this flosser can be somewhat loud, but definitely gets the job done ( but the dentist still recommends string flossing). Brought this with my own money and this is an honest testimonial/review. I will be back with an update on what mm my gum pockets will be!


It works really well, and I like how there are mutiple pressure settings.


I am in my late 60's and my gums are starting to recede. A few years back, I began to develop slight to moderate periodontal disease. I felt that my previous water flosser, even at it's lowest setting was sometimes more harmful than beneficial to my gums. Sometimes my gums need something with a more gentle feel to it. I also wanted something that was recommended by the American Dental Association. My dental hygienist recommended this specific water flosser waterflosser because of it's overall performance and it's versatility of settings and attachments. I liked this waterpic immediately because it comes with 10 different pressure settings, giving me the option to dial in a setting to match how my gums feel on any particular day. The lowest setting is quite soothing and the highest setting is like using a pressure washer so you definitely have a variety of options. Also, according to my hygienist, as a flosser, this is more effective than string floss. It also comes with 7 tips for individual needs such as braces, bridges, implants and more. One tip that is particularly useful to me is a tip for periodontal pockets, which is important in fighting receding gumlines. Water flosser, as a company, has been around a long time and has a great customer service team and offers a 3 year warranty with this product. If you have any issues going on within your mouth, you might want to first discuss with your dentist the things to look for in a waterpic that is specific to your needs. Personally, I have been using this waterflosser for a month now and am very happy with my choice.

Sonic Water Flosser Plus Electric Dental Countertop Professional Oral Irrigator for Teeth
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