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Fungal Nail Repair Bio-Pen
Fungal Nail Repair Bio-Pen
Fungal Nail Repair Bio-Pen
Fungal Nail Repair Bio-Pen

Fungal Nail Repair Bio-Pen

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Our Fungal Nail Repair Bio-Pen has been designed to deliver lasting results.  It is formulated with all-natural ingredients that penetrates the nail bed and help promote healthy nail growth.

☑️ DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED - Our bio-pen has been medically tested and is proven to give you results.

☑️ 100% NATURAL - No harsh chemicals which could irritate your fungal outbreak.  Our bio-pen is completely safe to use.

☑️ MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS - Stop fungus in its tracks with our bio-pen.  Contains bio-enzymes which stimulate blood flow and promote healthy nail growth.  Antiseptic & antibacterial properties to eliminate the odor caused by fungal build up.

☑️ FAST ACTING - Our bio-pen is fast acting and long lasting.  Never worry about nail fungus again!

☑️ ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Our bio-pen is small and compact.  Easy to use & easy to store for handy nail treatment anytime.

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      Customer Reviews

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      Miracle Worker

      I’ve feel like I’ve tried EVERYTHING possible to get rid of the fungus in my toe nail. This worked with one pen. My toe nail started hurting so much towards the end of the pen that I had to stop using it. I removed my nail polish and the fungus was 100% gone. God bless this company!


      I certainly had my doubts about buying this product but after 1 month of use (3 times a day) I have to say the improvement is quite noticeable, my toe is almost completely back to normal. Amazing.

      The only thing that’s worked

      I have tried many products without results. I was doubtful when I ordered hello healings products, but after the first tube I saw great changes. I spend about 90% of my day working on my feet so I needed a lot of help. I started off with one tube, then ordered three more, three more and finally another 4. It took a while because of the rate your nails grow, but I am almost 100% healed and going into the first tube of the final 4 (keeping the others to react immediately if I get again. I am so happy with this product and no longer afraid to walk around bare foot.

      Worked for me!

      HelloHealings make a good product. Here's my experience: I had a fungal toenail infection for about two years. God knows where it came from, but it kept spreading. Not nice. Saw my doctor about it. He said the NHS doesn't cover "cosmetic" treatment; in any case, the tablets for it needed to be taken for about six months, and could also cause liver damage or somesuch. He said the best thing to do would be to keep my feet as dry as possible. So, being off over a summer on daddy day care with my 9 month old, I wore flip-flops every day well into the Autumn. But no dice - I think it had just got too ingrained. Bummer.

      I saw this product on my Facebook feed. Again, god knows how, but in this case, the algos did me a favour. Six months later, my nails are much improved, and showing slow but very healthy regrowth. Only thing I'd say is, if your nails are as bad as mine were (and there's no way I'm putting a pic up), buy as many as you can straight away. I started with two pens, then bought three, and placed my last order - hopefully - for five a few weeks ago. This isn't a problem with the product - toenails move slowly, and it just takes time. Whatever this product is, it's not a harsh thing that's just going to irradiate your nails instantly. Softly, softly.

      I will say I've also had excellent customer service from HH. My last two deliveries were overvalued on their customs ticket, leaving me with eye-watering charges from Royal Mail. But to HH credit, they made me whole without too much hassle first time, and straight away the second. In my view, this is exactly how to run a business well. Product that works, and fair redress if there's a problem.

      Yes, delivery took a few weeks, but I knew that going in. If that's how it is, then that's on the customer to plan ahead for, no issues from me. Also was sent some product labelled for the Chinese market. Seems to have bothered some people, but think on - it's the same stuff. Don't be Little Britain about it..

      Better than what my doctor prescribed!

      This is the best treatment I have used. I have had a fungal nail infection for months. The prescription medication from my doctor did nothing but give my toe blisters. This Biopen works fast and no nasty side effects! Order at least two though as they are not very big.

      This works!

      After suffering a severe infection from a salon pedicure, I tried over the counter treatments that just didn't work. Thought I would give this a try as I had nothing to lose. I was admittedly sceptical but pleasantly surprised. After 4 weeks of use there is a great improvement and I have just re-ordered. You do need to have patience and apply daily but if you stick with it you will see results.

      Patience is key

      I am halfway through my second pen and just ordered my third. The shipping time was 2 weeks on first pen and only a week one my second, so I thought I needed to get a jump start on the third as to not stop the treatment. I am happy with my results so far and I can see improvement already after only three weeks of total treatment. I'm hopeful and my fingers are crossed that this is going to rid me of my nasty nails!

      Small bottle

      I suggest to buy 2 the bottle as the content is very small and you need to apply is 3 times a day


      Ordered 2 pens started using last week already see a big difference! Will be ordering more.

      It’s working!

      Finally something that works! Severe infection and I am on my second pen & new clear nails are growing out!!!
      I am using twice a day, sometimes more than that, filing, and even boosting the process by taking an oil of oregano supplement from my local health food store. Excited to have the clear beautiful nails I once had.

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