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The best protuct that I had for fungus...

I absolutely love mine!

I just got mine delivered last week right after the New Year. I really love how you can wear this over your shoulders. Living in Michigan can be pretty terrible this time of the year, this heating pad is helping keep me warm so far... It's also quiet large, which is always a plus :)

My brother loves all things related to plants. This was a great Christmas gift to add to his collection. He likes to spin it as you can see in the video. I’m a big fan of the seller after my first order was lost in the mail and they immediately sent me a new order with priority shipping.

When this item was delayed in shipping from the manufacturer --not surprising, as we know, during the pandemic---the seller was wonderful about keeping me updated and then joyfully announcing its arrival. It was on my doorstep well before Christmas. The levitating pot is delightful and the second I have purchased. This was less than half the price of the first. I highly recommend both it and the seller.

This is INSANELY cool!! Bought it as a Christmas gift for my mom but I loved it so much that I’m getting one too 😍

Great and soft with 3 levels of heat!

Im very happy with this purchase! The heating pad has 3 heating levels for adjustments. I’m using on my lap during work hours since my apartment is quite cold. The product turns off after 2 hours of use so I usually turn to level 0 and back up in case I want to reset the pad. Fabric is very comfortable and soft, even my dogs is trying to get some of the heating pad.

Good Quality, Soft and works great

My wife has back issues and this the only thing that helps her. Heating wise, it doesn't get too hot, but just enough to loosen up her muscles.Materials on this are great as well, the materials are soft and heavy duty enough to withstand daily use. i would 100% buy again

Not for me

I did not find this to be very comfortable while wearing. I asked for a return and they had no problem, but I would have liked if it was more comfortable.

Still waiting for my product

It has taken a month and not gotten my product

Doesn't get hot enough for me

So it is soft, but it definitely doesn't get hot enough. With only 3 different settings doesn't leave much room for change in hotness. Its starts to get hot then feels like it gets warm. The hit is ok, I think it would be better with velcro at the top to make tighter an the maybe 2 velcro straps for the front. Over all not terrible but not hot enough.

Game Changer !

I've been using my regular little heating pad for years and I wish I would of purchased this sooner !! It's super soft and cozy and it's not just one little area that it covers my entire back, front and even thighs if needed. I use this everyday in/with my office chair in the mornings. The auto-shut off feature works great and the fact that it wraps around the neck and the shoulders is something I didn't know I needed ! No cons about it honestly. Even the price is worth it.

Very helpful for back pain relief

I love this product, I feel it absorbs the pain from my bones. Also It cones with remote control for 3 heat levels. I usually use number 1 is so good for me. Also u can use on ur legs or arms any part, caz it’s very big. I am so happy of this product, it relieves my back and neck pain.


I got it for a friend as a gift, and she likes it a lot. It is content and is made of very soft and comfortable cloth. It is relaxing for the upper back, especially for the shoulders. It comes with an adjustable belt that is easy to work with. I am happy that I picked this as a gift.

Beautiful &warm

I like this product not only because it’s functionality, it is so big to cover entire warm but also its design look so nice and it’s touch is so comfortable!

Its like wearing a warm hug

I was super excited this came early in the morning. I had ordered it the night before. Basically its a like wearing a warm hug. I wish the shoulders were a little more weighted down but man oh man did this work wonders for my morning back pain. I will never use another heating pad again


Bought this for my mother. She have very stiff neck and back, this one seems help her feel better. It is very easy to use and made from good quality.

So much better than a regular heating pad

This is fantastic! The heating pads I've had before are so much smaller and are just rectangular. Making a heating pad that forms around your neck and back is such a good idea. I will absolutely be giving these as gifts for self care and friends with back issues. It provides such pain relief to my neck and back when I use it.

good product to buy

very good product. reasonable price with perfect quality. very nice and warm. have different option to heat up my body.

Works as advertised!

Easy to set up, operates well, is very quiet, and so far is perfect for a walking machine. This is not the treadmill for running and it doesn't have all the extra bells & whistles, it is just a sturdy, quality treadmill for regular use. It also folds up extremely easily and is very compact.

Excessive delivery time

After 1 month, haven't received the product.


Cleared my fungus. Prescription Medication did not.

Great Product

The product will take time but I am starting to see positive results by applying the solution 2x a day. Definitely worth the money.

It works great and I've tried many uses.

It works great! I like it to keep my neck and waist warm. The fabric is soft and my dog likes it. He thinks it's his blanket. He has a gray blanket. It's also comfortable on your lap when you watch TV. My family's girls are very afraid of cold, it can be in the physiological period to eliminate small tummy pain, but also can be in the book to let the legs and feet warm. I also spread it on the table, and my hands will be warm when I play with the computer.It's just that I recommend drinking more water.

So soft! It's like being wrapped in a warm hug!

This is much softer and larger than I anticipated. It covers my whole back, which is lovely. I like how the shoulders have a bit of weight to them to keep the heating pad from sliding off. Overall, this exceeded my expectations.

Really useful heating wrap

It makes a perfect gift for high school kids who stay up late for study. We really enjoy the shape of this heating blanket, because it covers neck, shoulder and waist. Very happy for the purchase, and will definitely recommend to families.